Weekly Themes

Some people have asked what the weekly themes are that I have chosen to focus on. First of all, thanks for actually reading the blog!!!! Second of all, sorry I didn’t include that helpful information in the first post. Obviously, I will be posting the themes as each week goes by, but here’s a quick overview:

Week 1: S if for Superheroes…This week will focus on a HUGE love of my boys–fictional superheroes like Batman, Superman, etc. But I am also going to include every day community heroes like firemen, policemen, doctors, etc. On a side note, Andy spent 20 minutes in line at the cut counter at JoAnn Fabrics this afternoon waiting to get all of the felt cut for the awesome superhero capes, masks, and wrist cuffs that we will be making for our art activity while I wandered around the store hunting down Heat ‘N Bond, no-sew velcro, and elastic. (Thank you, my love!) I always feel stupid in that store because I don’t frequent it enough to know where anything is or what anything is called, but I can’t wait to show you our finished project! For those of you who are already thinking that you will now bow out of following the blog because this sounds like an ambitious project, let me assure you that it is completely NO-SEW and was REALLY cheap.

Week 2: Buggin’ Out with Noah…Yes, Noah gets a very special week all to himself because Luke will be at an all-week art day camp that is also focusing on bugs. Decided to just take the theme and run with it for Noah, too, so this week will be more preschool-directed. After dinner each night, we will all gather in the living room for a Spotlight on Luke moment where he can show us what he created at camp and share with us any interesting things that he learned about bugs, new friends he made at camp, etc.

Week 3: Pirate Play

Week 4: Farm Fun

Week 5: Dinosaur Discovery

Week 6: Wacky Water Week

Back-up Week: Adventures in Space

By the way, I also forgot to mention that in addition to the activities that I plan, Luke will also be spending time daily in the K-1 Summer Bridge Workbook. If you haven’t heard of this series, definitely Google it. My awesome small group friend, Lynette Stewart, turned me on to this fantastic resource, as she has had her two kids work through them each summer. They are aligned with the national core curriculum standards, are put out by Carson Dellosa (a reputable educational materials publisher), and are easy to order on Amazon. I will especially be leaning on this book for math activities since I am SO NOT a math person, and I was consistently surprised all school year by the math concepts that Luke was learning just as a kindergartener–things I never would have guessed would be present in a kindergarten curriculum! Check out the website: http://www.summerbridgeactivities.org/.


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