Week 1: S is for Superheroes (Day 3)

Morning Meeting: We reviewed Day 2’s discussion about everyday, community heroes. I did a read aloud with the following books: 1) We Need Fire Fighters by Lola M. Schaefer, 2) A Visit to the Fire Station by B. A. Hoena, and 3) I’m Going to Be a Firefighter by Edith Kunhardt. Next we discussed that the most important qualities of a hero are that he/she loves people, devotes his/her life to caring for people, and is always watching for ways to serve people. I then asked the boys to think about some ways that they could be Super Kids by helping and caring for people the rest of this week. In my preparation for this week’s theme, I came across a website called Homeschool Share which features free downloadable Kinder Kits on a variety of topics, one being superheroes (I have plans to use other handouts from the superhero kit later on this week and some of the other kits later this summer). I printed off the handout called Be a Super Kid for each boy, and that is where we recorded the goals for the week. The boys hung them on the fridge so they can be mindful of them for the rest of this week.


AM Activity: This morning’s project was to design and make a thank you card for Agent Bellows for giving his lunch break to educate us about the world of the FBI yesterday. We are going to print the picture of Agent Bellows and Luke to paste inside the card. If you plan on implementing some of these ideas with your kids, but you don’t know a community hero to visit with, you could at least have your kids make thank you cards to drop off at your local fire station or I know there is information you can find online about sending cards to deployed soldiers. We can’t wait to deliver the card on Sunday!


Quiet Time Activities: Although my posts may make it seem like our household is just a little haven of sunshine and rainbows (HA!), I am still a normal mom with normal kids who do normal, stupid things. It was just…one of those days, for lack of a better phrase. By the time the afternoon rolled around, Luke was in a difficult mood where he just didn’t want to do anything that I had planned. I tried to give a sales pitch for the the writing and reading activities, but he wasn’t buying. So we went to a more “chillaxed” plan for the afternoon which involved Luke getting on Tumblebooks to enjoy an online book called Diary of a Fly, a cute little story about a fly who just doesn’t understand why she can’t be a superhero. At the end, we just did a brief plot review of the beginning, middle, and end. If you haven’t heard of Tumblebooks, definitely look into it. We got a username and password through Fairfax County Public Schools from Luke’s kindergarten teacher this past year. The kids could use Tumblebooks on the classroom computers as one of their literacy stations, and early on in the year she sent home a note encouraging parents to use it at home, too. My favorite part of the site is that I can do a search by reading level, so I can tailor what Luke is working on depending on whether I want him to read the book or the computer to read the book to him. There are also puzzles, games, and really cool informational videos about all kinds of topics like weather, careers, bugs, etc. Again we skipped the writing and math activities that I had planned so that Luke could continue making headway in his Summer Bridge Workbook. We also continued with our daily dose of Early Readers.

Needless to say, I was REALLY relieved when Daddy arrived home, and I could dash (to use a superhero term!) out the door to get an hour of peace and quiet at the gym!


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