Week 1: S is for Superheroes (Day 4)

Morning Meeting: We reviewed Day 3’s discussion about loving and serving others, then we took a look at both boys’ Super Kid goals and evaluated how they have done in just 24 hours. I didn’t completely check the goals off because I want them to keep working on them, but I put a smiley face next to each goal that they have demonstrated some action toward. What a beautiful morning it was in the upstairs of my home when I heard Luke go into Noah’s room and say, “Good morning, Noah, may I help you make your bed today?” YES!!!!!!!! Next I read aloud another book about community heroes called We Need Police Officers by Lola M. Schaefer. This is probably a good moment to show you this great little collection of books that my sister-in-law pulled for the boys and I to use. We have just been reading them one or two at a time throughout the week as the boys have wanted to:


The Question of the Day today was: “Who are heroes of the Bible?” The boys called out names while I recorded them on a large piece of paper. As each idea was shared, I asked the boys to explain what made that person a hero. They came up with a pretty good list: Noah, Daniel, David, Luke, Joshua, Moses, Abraham, and Jesus. I was glad that they mentioned David because I had already planned to show them a little video clip on YouTube of the old children’s worship song “Only a Boy Named David”. I grew up singing that in children’s church. Did anyone else learn the fun motions to go with the sling shot lyrics? I distinctly remember hitting my head pretty hard on one of those little wooden kid chairs while attempting to “tumble down” like Goliath. The boys thought the song was great, and they enjoyed doing the motions. It was a great opportunity to bring the conversation back to the truth that anyone can do great things and be a hero in their own ways despite their age or size. But the song that really got the kids going was “I’m in the Lord’s Army”. Oh man…is this the perfect BOY worship song or what? I did have to cut it off after about the 4th time through when Noah started digging through the toy box because he said he needed his toy sword and shield to sing the song. Yeah, I knew that probably wasn’t going to end well…

AM Activity: I had planned for us to watch the movie “The Incredibles” today and make some healthy “super snacks”, but I never ended up securing the movie, so I gave the boys some free play time instead. A lot in our house comes back to “Despicable Me”, so of course we ended up watching this little 12 minute DVD we had bought for Noah’s Easter basket called “Minion Madness”–three short videos involving those crazy minions, who Noah reminds all of us of quite often! We discovered in the bonus features four fun games that we took turns playing together and accumulating fun prizes like Gru’s car, Agnes’ stuffed unicorn, Vector’s piranha gun, the freeze ray gun, etc. While no educational leaps and bounds were made this morning, we did have good Mommy-Son bonding! During Noah’s swim lesson, though, Luke did opt for doing some more work in his Summer Bridge Book poolside instead of playing Minion Rush on my phone like he normally does. So how about that? I give the boy some freedom from the “work”, and he ends up choosing to do it anyway. I would call that success.


Quiet Time Activities: Subtraction came up on a few recent pages in the Summer Bridge Workbook, and Luke said that he hadn’t really done much on that in kindergarten. They focused more on addition and other math concepts, so he asked if we could just do more subtraction during Quiet Time today. I wasn’t going to say no to that. While he is quick as a whip doing addition in his head, I noticed that he seemed to be having difficulty visualizing subtraction and was relying more on using his fingers. It’s not that I don’t think he CAN use his fingers to do math at this stage, but I thought I’d try something a little different. I gave him a handful of coffee beans and turned to a large picture of a jar that was on a previous page in the workbook. I then showed him how to look at the first number in the subtraction problem and put that many beans “in” the jar. Then I told him to look at the second number in the problem and take away that many beans from the jar. I explained that what was left in the jar was the answer, what we call “the difference”. He liked that and flew through a subtraction worksheet that thankfully I already had on hand from the Elasmosaur math website that I posted earlier this week.

  • Reading: Luke read aloud to me Avengers: Assemble! by Tomas Palacios which is a World of Reading early reader book. It was marked as Level 2 which is really on about a 2nd grade reading level, but he surprised me by recognizing words like “fight” and “leader”. Of course, he didn’t struggle one bit with any of the Avengers’ names! As a side note, I forgot to mention earlier in the week when I was talking about the books that my sister-in-law let me borrow, that I set up what I’m calling the Tub of Knowledge in our main level living room with books that pertain just to the week’s theme as well as a stack of Early Readers. Obviously I will change the books out every week. I am always talking about the benefits of reading and how important it is to build prior knowledge of all kinds of topics AND a love for the craft of stories and great writing by reading lots and lots of books. (I know, I know…it’s what comes with the territory when Mommy is a literature teacher!) So throughout the week I have been encouraging the boys to head over the Tub of Knowledge when they’re getting a little antsy or need a quick 10-15 minute time filler and peruse through the books. IMG_0416
  • Writing: From the Homeschool Share superhero kinder kit, I gave Luke the three Superhero Profiles (pages 3-5 in the kit) and asked him to choose one, two, or all three. He opted just for one today. The sheet gives a picture of a little kid dressed like a superhero and then Luke was able to come up with the superhero’s name, his super powers, and his heroic actions.

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