Week 1: S is for Superheroes (Day 5)

Is it odd that what is running through my head at the moment is that little ditty that Dora and Boots always sing at the end of every episode: “We did it! We did it! We did it, yeah! Yeah, we did it!” I was relieved when my kids were out of the Dora phase because that song always used to drive me crazy, but here I am, on the last day of the first week of Mommy Summer School just wanting to break out in song and that funny little twist that was Dora’s victory dance! I will say that it was a pretty successful week. I don’t think any one day went exactly how I had planned it from the get-go, but that’s the nature of teaching, parenting, and just life in general, right? We made adjustments as needed, and at the end of the week, I can honestly say that the boys learned new things, had fun, are proud of their accomplishments, and I didn’t want to leave them on the curb with a sign that says “Free for the taking” like I did last summer. I’m actually looking forward to getting to do a week just with Noah next week since Luke will be at art camp every day. So here’s how we finished up the week…

Morning Meeting: We started out with the Question of the Day: “What was your favorite part of S is for Superhero week?” Noah said making costumes and the fruit pizza. Luke said making costumes, making the fruit pizza, and going through the workbook. I believe that I have neglected to mention this week that we always start morning meeting with Calendar Talk–2 minutes, very simply identifying the day of the week and the date. We reviewed Day 4’s discussion about biblical heroes, worked up a sweat singing “I’m in the Lord’s Army” with all the motions a few more times, then had a short prayer time. Noah thanked God for all of the heroes that He has put in our world to keep us safe and help us when we need it. Luke prayed for him and Noah that they would continue to be Super Kids and always be willing to love and help others. And I sent up a BIG word of praise for God blessing us through this first week! Next, we completed two Social Studies Bonus pages in the Summer Bridge Workbook that focused on what it means to be a good citizen and matching community helpers with the tools that help them in their jobs. Finally, we read three more of the little community helper books that we’ve been working through: We Need Doctors, We Need Nurses, and We Need Veterinarians. To guide them in making text-to-text connections, I asked the boys to name some similarities between these three heroes.

AM Activity: I recently joined a gym and have chosen to do a BodyStep class on Friday mornings in the summer. Since Fridays are my husband’s day off and his long run day of the week, I will be taking the boys with me to the gym each week. They were ecstatic all week about getting to go to the gym for the first time with Mommy today. On the way to the gym, we talked about how imaginary heroes and realistic heroes train and have to take care of and strengthen their bodies. I asked them to list some ways that we can take care of our bodies: making good food choices, exercising, getting playtime outside every day, taking naps/rests, getting a good night’s sleep. To continue in this vein, I served up a healthy lunch of what I called Super Sandwiches: peanut butter, Nutella, and banana on wheat toast cut in the shape of the Batman symbol. A big hit for the end of our superhero week!


Quiet Time Activities: I had several activities leftover that we did not get to this week, so I basically gave Luke a choice of what he wanted to do. (At the end of this post, I’ll list all of the extra activities that we did not do in case you want to use some of them. I definitely over-planned, but that’s not a bad place to be when dealing with kids!)

  • Reading: Luke read aloud to me two Early Readers of his choice. I also did a final assessment of the special sight words for the week. I spread the cards out on the floor, called out a word, and then had Luke point to the word.
  • Writing: I helped Luke make a mini-book out of this template. I should have printed pages 1 and 2 on both sides of one sheet of paper, but I didn’t. So I ended up putting pages 1 and 2 on top of each other, folding them together like a book, then gluing the blank sides of the pages together to make the pages truly like a book. You should end up with four pages for writing and drawing. Lastly, fold a piece of construction paper or cardstock in half and put the book pages inside of it so that the colored paper is the book cover. Place three staples along the fold to connect the pages to the cover. Cut out one of the boxes on page 3 of the template and glue onto the front cover for writing the title and author. I had already decided ahead of time that the title of the book was going to be If I Was a Hero… Luke’s job was to take it from there. Here is Luke’s mini-book:
  • ImageImageImageImageImageCan you tell from page 3 of the book that we visited with an officer of the law earlier this week??? I can’t believe my 6-year-old actually included the word “Taser” in his writing. Yikes. After 10 years of teaching in the public school system, I’m pretty sure that if he had turned this in at school that he would have ended up in the principal’s office, and I would have been getting a phone call! At least he’s not ALL rough and tumble, as you can see from this sweet picture of him reading his book to little bro Noah:
  • Math: Luke’s neighborhood friend rang the doorbell and asked him to play board games just as I was getting ready to transition us into another subtraction worksheet from Elasmosaur. Living in community is a BIG priority in our family, so I was willing to let Luke postpone math until Evening Review time.

As promised previously in the post, here are the “outtakes” from the week that we didn’t get to:

  • Superhero Zoom Through the Alphabet worksheet from the Homeschool Share superhero kinder kit that I linked in a previous post this week (page 9).
  • Tally Marks worksheet from the Homeschool Share superhero kinder kit (page 13).
  • One-Sentence Story with illustration: I want to be like _____ (biblical hero) because _____.
  • Hero Math Mystery Pictures Worksheets from this link
  • Create one addition story and one subtraction story superhero-themed, of course

Hope you’ll stay tuned for Week 2: Buggin’ Out with Noah!


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