Week 3: Wacky Water Week (Day 1)

If you have been reading the blog from the beginning, you will remember that I had originally scheduled a pirate theme for this week, but some of the activities I had planned for that entailed the help of Daddy. I didn’t really want to give up the “cool factor” of some of those possible activities, so I decided to shift the weeks around and focus on water, water, water this week. Works out quite nicely because we had one play date scheduled today that involved water play and another one on Friday–outings already built in. Easy planning for Mommy.

Introduction: The pre-bed clues last night in anticipation of this week’s theme were…1) It is something that is in the sky. 2) It is something that is in the ground. 3) It is something that is in our bodies. 4) It is something that people and animals need to stay alive. Luke’s first guess was blood. Makes sense for clues 3 and 4, but I don’t even want to think of that being true for clue 2!!!! Both kids were REALLY stumped on this one. I repeated the clues for them when they woke up this morning, and neither one guessed it yet again. In fact, I even had to help them do some thinking when they came down to see the “centerpiece reveal”.


When I asked them to think through what all the items on the table (and the chandelier!) have in common, they were stuck on “the beach” or “swimming” for a little while, then they eventually landed at, “Oh, they are all in or around water!” As Gru would say on Despicable Me in his epic, sing-song accent, “Light-bulb.”

Morning Meeting: After Calendar Talk I immediately posed the Question of the Day–“What is water used for?” As they took turns generating ideas, I listed them on large white paper.


I was VERY impressed with their list. Of course, they didn’t always explain things exactly as they are written here, but we worked through it, and I “translated”. At that point, I had planned on being done, but Noah noticed that I had changed the sight words on the memo board (YES!), and he wanted to know immediately what they were. Luke recognized a few of the words right away: water, gas, melt, freeze, ice. We did a very brief run through of sounding out the others.

AM Activity: We had planned to meet one of our favorite families, the Verwys clan, at the Fairfax Corner Interactive Fountains for some morning snacks and water play. The fountains are scheduled to come on at 9:00 every morning. At 9:45, they still were not on, and we were having a terrible time actually reaching a person with the property management who seemed to know what was going on or would answer her phone. Finally, we received word that the fountains would be shut down for the morning due to some bricks needing to be replaced. The kids were SO disappointed, and we Mommys were equally annoyed that they hadn’t posted any sign by the fountains, or roped it off, or put notifications on their website. Ugh. Nothing like dragging seven kids in bathing suits to a dry splash pad first thing in the morning. Just glad it wasn’t a wicked hot day like last week. Fortunately, the Verwyses were “go with the flow” and came back to our pool in the afternoon for over two hours of splish-splash. So we got our water outing in after all!!! (By the way, Andrea, if you are reading this, during our nightly Family Sharing over dinner, BOTH boys said that the best part of their day was playing with your kids at the pool “like…for a really, REALLY long time!” Sweet.)

IMAG1246(1) IMAG1248

Luke’s Quiet Time:

  • Reading–We started out with some Early Readers. Luke only has a few more level Cs to go, and I added some Ds to the Tub of Knowledge last night, so I asked him to pick one C and one D. He was a rock star with the level D! And it was an adorable book that had us both chuckling: Hot Dog by Molly Coxe (a Getting Started Road to Reading book by Golden Books). The level C book that he picked out was The Ants Are Marching by Maria Fleming (a Scholastic book). The timing of the book was great because the book involves counting by 2s, and he had just worked on even numbers and counting by 2s in his Summer Bridge Workbook. We are a little light on books about water in the Tub of Knowledge, so we just stuck with Early Readers. We plan on hitting the library tomorrow to load up. Lastly, we revisited the special sight words for the week, and I asked him to explain what each word was after he read it/sounded it out. He actually had a pretty good base knowledge of the three properties of water, even gas and the concept of steam. I was impressed! That will help us both later on in the week.
  • Writing–I had Luke watch a video on Tumblebooks called “Why Care About Water?” It is a 2 1/2 minute video done by National Geographic that covers how less than 1% of Earth’s water is actually drinkable/usable, the clean water crisis in so many parts of the world, and the way that we overuse and abuse water, particularly in America. I told Luke before he watched the video that he was going to have to write three facts that he learned about water which helped to give him a focus. Because the video was so short, I had him watch it twice. Then I gave him the large paper, and this is what he came up with:Image
  • Math: I came across a fabulous site put together by a kindergarten teacher when I was researching math concept activities that involve water. Check it out here. I know that Luke’s teacher did an entire unit on measurement and capacity this past year, so I was thrilled that we could review something other than basic addition and subtraction. The teacher behind this site spells out each part of the activity as she administered it over the course of five days. Perfect. She even included her introductory PowerPoint as a free download. I exactly followed her Day 1 plan, and we had a lot of fun with it together.

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