Week 3: Wacky Water Week (Day 2)

Morning Meeting: Calendar Talk, of course (making Luke work a little harder this week to spell out the month and the day of the week), then we reviewed the previous day’s discussion about what water is used for and the ideas that Luke had learned from the video about water. Then on the same piece of paper where we had generated ideas about the uses of water, I drew a T-chart and labeled the two sides NEED and WASTE. I asked the boys to explain/define the two words and give general examples of each. I explained to them that there are basically two ways that we use water: 1) survival/meeting needs and 2) fun/entertainment. I then read aloud a short story to the boys called “Are You Water Wise?” which is part of Every Drop Counts, a water conservation activity book for grades K-6 published by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.  This link will take you to the site where you can find gobs of water discussions and activities for whatever age your kids are. While reading the story about Wally Waterwaster, I paused after every paragraph for the boys to point out examples of water conservation and water wasting. Next, I asked the boys to evaluate the way we use water in our home and to give us a rating on whether we are “water wise” or “water wasters”. We tried to identify some ways that we could do a better job conserving water–like not letting the water run while brushing teeth or using the soap during hand-washing. The boys were kind of getting antsy at this point, so I didn’t take the time to list out the ideas on paper. Nothing to show you there…sorry. Lastly, we went back through each item on Day 1’s list of ways water is used and labeled each idea as N for a need or a W for waste. I think they did a great job at evaluating their list!

I also taught the kids a cute water song to the tune of “Old McDonald” from this kindergarten water lesson plan. Here are the song lyrics, although they are also mentioned on the lesson plan:

We need water to survive

It keeps us alive

And if you drink it every day

You can run and play

It’s in our food

It’s in the air

You’ll find water everywhere

We need water to survive

It keeps us alive

The entire lesson plan looks fantastic. I might work in some more of the activities later on this week. I particularly find the activity interesting that teaches kids how much of the human body is made up of water and the way we can experience water with our five senses.

AM Activity: We went to the library to check out books about water. The boys were so serious about using the library right–from our behavioral expectations conversation in the car, to learning how to use the computer card catalog, using the self-scanner to check out books, and carrying everything in their library tote bags. They were both so good hanging in the children’s area, just browsing and looking at books at the tables while I searched for our huge list of water reads. We ended up checking out close to 30 books, both fiction and nonfiction, about everything water–from the water cycle to the three properties of water to poems and stories related to the ocean, snowflakes, water animals, and more! I will post a complete book list from this week later on. When we got home from the library, we had just a little bit of time to kill before heading back out the door for Luke’s swim lesson. So I set a timer for 10 minutes, spread all the books out on the floor, and asked the boys to do a Book Look which entails them browsing through as many books as they can in that time to generate interest in later actually reading and discussing the books. The only “rule” is that they don’t just sit and flip pages quickly in an attempt to “win”–it’s not a race. But I do want them to try to get through a decent selection so that they can get lots of ideas and see lots of pictures that will get them excited to learn.

Luke’s Quiet Time: We are continuing with him reading at least one Early Reader each day, then if he wants me to do a read aloud or two with him, we’ll do that. The Book Look paid off because he flew through the Early Reader of his choice to get to the new library books as quickly as possible! I had planned to talk to Luke about the four seasons today and how water is used or shows up in each season. I also had found an online book on Tumblebooks about the seasons that has several specific mentions about water, and I had a writing follow-up activity to go along, but I’ve been teaching Luke to play Monopoly this summer (per his request when he spotted Daddy’s Transformers Monopoly game in the storage room), so we decided to blow off writing and continue our game that we’ve had going on for several days now. I am still loving that I have the freedom to rearrange original plans to just enjoy special bonding moments with my boys! Later on in the afternoon, I took the boys to see “Turbo” at the theater. Adorable and funny flick!


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